OSCILLOSCOPE GROWS SOME! Distrib Set To Be First Company To Release Feature On VINE

By Oscilloscope

(New York, NY) February 19, 2013—Oscilloscope Laboratories announced today that it will be the first film distribution company to undertake feature film releasing via Vine, “a new mobile service that lets you create and share beautiful, short looping videos.” Vine (which was recently acquired by Twitter), launched on January 24th and has quickly become one of the most popular apps in the iTunes App Store.

Always with an eye on groundbreaking initiatives, Oscilloscope’s Minister of Informative Updates, Bruce Farnsworth, said about the venture, “From the moment it launched just three short weeks ago, it was so clear to us that six-second loops of video, edited in-phone, and posted in real time was and will be the future of film distribution. While we still endeavor to release films via some other methods, we didn’t want to be left out in the cold and we are proud to be an early adopter of tomorrow, early.”

The groundbreaking and trend-setting initiative will kick off with Todd Berger’s Doomsday comedy, IT’S A DISASTER, starring David Cross, Julia Stiles, and America Ferrera. Oscilloscope, which planned a March 5th digital and VOD release and an April 12th theatrical bow, has since bolstered that schedule with the addition of a Vine release today, at 4:30pm –ish EST. The digital/VOD and theatrical dates remain unchanged.

Starting at 4:30pm-ish EST, you can watch IT’S A DISASTER on Oscilloscope Laboratories’ Vine account, or via their twitter:

Todd Berger commented, “Jean-Luc Godard once said that he pities French cinema because it has no money and American cinema because it has no ideas. Well this is certainly an idea.”

Never one to shy away from the unknown, Oscilloscope is currently working on distributing films in all media and by all means and methods now known or hereafter devised, in perpetuity. The future is now. We will also be actively acquiring distribution rights for the previously unexploited territory of The Moon.