bbook:Have you always been fascinated by this idea of the...

By Yasmina Tawil


Have you always been fascinated by this idea of the apocalypse? 

When I saw Mad Max when I was a kid, me and my best friend were completely obsessed with it for a period of time. I don’t know how much I thought about it after that, but when the idea came up that that was a big part of the characters in the movie, it became a part of my life. I mean, I have a theory that people obsess over the apocalypse because the world has become such an unchangeable machine that’s bigger than all of us, and the only thing that could ever come and reset it would be if there was an apocalypse. And I think that’s probably an even more interesting idea for people who think the world isn’t working for them. So if you’re in a bad place in your life, the world is not going to change for you, you have to change for it, unless of course the apocalypse comes.

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