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By Yasmina Tawil


FriendsWithYou: Rainbow City

In celebration of the opening of the second section of the High Line Park, FriendsWithYou presents Rainbow City, a collection of 40 air-filled sculptures filling 16,000 square feet of outdoor space in Chelsea from June to July. The installation, commissioned by AOL, runs in conjunction with the FriendsWithYou exhibition at The Hole. Rainbow City was first presented at Art Basel Miami in 2010 and aims — as with all other works by FriendsWithYou — to spread Magic, Luck, and Friendship.™ 

FriendsWithYou’s Rainbow City collection will be installed at the High Line Park until July 5th. Check out Flavorpill for more information on this event and all the other cultural happenings in your city. 

I wanna hang out with these guys!