A Playlist: What Were Listening To This Week

By Yasmina Tawil


It Is Very Cold And I Dont Want to go Outside.

Well, we knew it was coming, and its finally here: winter has arrived in New York City. Its beautiful for about ten minutes. So enjoy it! Soon thosemountains of grey-and-yellow snow will impede your commute and spray you in the mouth when trucks pass too close. Yay.

In the spirit of such an uncomfortable occasion, allow us to present a playlist of songs designed to both acknowledge the merciless muck and strengthen your will to combat it. By now, you should have a sturdy pair of waterproof boots.

I mean, how are you ever going to survive at Sundance?!

Heres the Musings 1st Snow of the Year Playlist So You Feel OK About Walking Two Blocks for Bodega Soup Even Though You Havent Showered in Days.

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