A Playlist - What Were Listening To 2/22/2017

By Yasmina Tawil


Spring is Here and its All Your Fault!

Weve had some really fantastic and unseasonably warm weather over the past few days, and to be honest its feeling pretty nice. Lets all take a moment to enjoy the sunshine, and forget about the fact that at approximately the same time last year the temperature in New York City felt like 20 below zero.

Having nice weather in February can sometimes give you false hope that the winter has ended. You do something ill-advised like wear shorts and a t-shirt, fully knowing that the temperature will inevitably drop once the sun starts setting. Then you get a cold, and then youre miserable, and you blame the nice weather.

Dont do that. Throw on a hoodie and go for a bike ride. We could all use an endorphin boost.

Heres the Musings Excited About Spring-Like Weather Despite the Fact that the Worlds Temperature is Steadily Rising and its Probably Our Fault Playlist.

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