A Playlist - What We’re Listening To - 5/12/2017

By Yasmina Tawil


A boy’s best friend is his mother.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and it’s honestly a big big load of bullshit that Mothers only get one day a year when the world is more-or-less required to show appreciation for the people who brought us into this world. 

If you think about all the things mothers do, it’s a staggeringly long list, the most degrading of which isn’t even wiping your shitty baby ass. Mothers go through all kinds of crap all day long and most people don’t think twice about it until they’re older and start to realize that mom won’t always be around to help you out. 

Hell, even BAD mothers are owed their due. If you had a bad mother, you are still a living person on earth. So be thankful that your mother was even a mother to begin with. 

If you are a mother, thank you. If you have a mother, make her feel loved.

Make her dinner, send her a card, and for God’s sake, give her a call. It’s fucking Mother’s Day. 

Here’s the Musings Playlist of Songs That Totally Understand That Momma Knows Best (Usually). 

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