A Playlist - What We’re Listening To 1/31/2017

By Yasmina Tawil

Resist Resist Resist Resist Resist Resist Resist.

Well, John Hurt passed away right as the nightmarish vision of the classic film 1984 is beginning to actualize in front of us. Bigotry and cultural ignorance seem to be the prevailing currencies of our highest office, and fear of our fellow man is the doctrine of the day. 

The people, however, have other ideas. It’s been so amazing to see the boots-on-the-ground response to the President’s harmful, xenophobic actions. People of all backgrounds coming together to make their voices heard, and to fight against injustice and the betrayal of our values, is what this country was founded on. 

Let’s keep up the good work. 

Here’s the Musings Playlist Full of Badass Muslim Musicians To Be Played at Full Volume in Public Spaces. 

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