48-HOURS ONLY: Fire Sale @ Oscilloscope Laboratories // Dope Films for Mad Cheap

By Oscilloscope

Howdy howdy howdy,

We’re having us an ol’ fashioned fire sale over at the Oscilloscope Laboratories store!

For the next 48 HOURS ONLY, you can pick up some of our most beloved films for LUDICROUSLY LOW PRICES, including:

Exit Through The Gift Shop – Blu-rays for $5.99 (!)
We Need To Talk About Kevin – DVDs for $5.99 (!!)
Wendy And Lucy – DVDs for for $4.99 (!!!)
Howl – DVDs for $3.99 (!!!!)
Who Took The Bomp?: Le Tigre On Tour – DVDs for $3.99 (!!!!!)

And similar discounts on O-Scope films you love and have been itchin’ to own on Blu-ray and DVD…

The sale’s only for the next 48 hours (ends on Thursday November 15th at 6:00pm EST) and won’t be happening again any time soon. So pick up that O-Scope flick you’ve been coveting for oh so long, or get a jump on your X-Mas shopping, just whatever you do, DON’T MISS OUT!

And if you want the full experience, play this song while you’re doing your shopping in our online store:


You won’t regret it.

Your pal,
Oscilloscope Laboratories