O-Troll-Oscope Tee Shirt

O-Troll-Oscope Tee Shirt

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The directive was simple: make the worst possible piece of merch EVER. Troll the film community. Troll the alt-right. Get everyone super mad for no reason. Mad enough that they just HAD to have one.

Presenting the O-Troll-Oscope Shirt. Inspired by Wal•Mart shoppers and angry Facebook message board lurkers everywhere. Aggressive to the max. Several copyright infringements, probably. Zero fucks given. If you ain't no fuckin' cowards, these are available now for pre-order on artfully acid-washed 100% cotton tees for the not-even-a-bargain price of $45. Goddamnit, these suck!

100% cotton, ethically made in a WRAP-certified facility and printed in limited quantities by our friends at Lucky House MFG.

Pairs well with Crocs.