We Can't Go Home Again / Don't Expect Too Much
We Can't Go Home Again / Don't Expect Too Much

We Can't Go Home Again / Don't Expect Too Much

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We Can't Go Home Again

Restored and reconstructed from its 1973 Cannes version, legendary director Nicholas Ray’s experimental masterpiece WE CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN embodies the director’s practice of filmmaking as a “communal way of life.” Made with his college students in upstate New York, the film features Ray as mentor, friend, and reference point to his students and their stories of love, sex, rebellion, and lost innocence. With its expressionistic colorization, the film exemplifies Ray’s groundbreaking approach to multiple-image storytelling, providing a unique, almost anthropological perspective in recording the “history, progress, manners, morals, and mores of everyday life” at a critical moment in 1970s America.

Don't Expect Too Much

DON'T EXPECT TOO MUCH, a new feature-length documentary by Nicholas Ray’s wife Susan, investigates the making of WE CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN and the complex relationships within Ray’s life and art. Drawing on his archive of never-before-seen film, video, and stills, as well as new interviews with the film’s original crew, directors Jim Jarmusch, Victor Erice, and others, Susan Ray provides a compelling and candid exploration of the last years of this revered American auteur.


Disc One:

  • WE CAN’T GO HOME AGAIN (1973) – newly restored from original elements
  • DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH (2011) – Feature-length documentary by Susan Ray

Disc Two:

  • Extended interviews with filmmaker Jim Jarmusch and Ray Biographer Bernard Eisenschitz.
  • Camera Three - Profile of Nicholas Ray (CBS) (1977)
  • Rushes from Ray's MARCO (1977)
  • About Marco – Interviews with Claudio Mazzatenta and Gerry Bamman
  • The Janitor – Nicholas Ray's Segment from the feature WET DREAMS (1974)

With a twenty-four page booklet featuring photos, original material by Nicholas Ray, and Essays by Susan Ray, Serge Daney, and film scholar Bill Krohn.

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