Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie

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Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton, best friends from a dying former steel town in Ohio, are out to convince the world that Bigfoot exists. They have amassed a vast library of video footage and still photographs of proof (their website is highly trafficked) after years of venturing into the forest, day and night, to the capture shots of the legendary creature in its native habitat. Dallas is the gregarious of the dyad is a Reiki master who uses Sasquatch calls into the wild and claims to have a sheep's bone in his skull; some claim Dallas to be one of the world's leading big foot researchers. Wayne is the repressed, emotional of the gang- a former high-school bully who currently works at a car wash and is living paycheck to paycheck. Seeking fame, fortune, and notoriety, Wayne and Dallas's friendship is tested when a nationally recognized high-profile California BF researcher makes a stop in their town. Director Jay Delaney's honest and often funny look at their lives, proves that Bigfoot certainly is alive and well in Wayne and Dallas' world.


  • Director's commentary with director Jay Delaney, Bigfoot researchers Dallas Gilbert and Wayne Burton, and cinematographer Shane Allen Davis.
  • Deleted scenes, including "How Dallas and Wayne Met", "Bear Cub", "Cream Soda", and more..
  • "Bigfoot Research in 8 Steps" with Dallas and Wayne.
  • "American Dream," (2001) the short film that inspired Not Your Typical Bigfoot Movie.
  • Bigfoot Photo Gallery.

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