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All I Can Say

All I Can Say

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Shannon Hoon, lead singer of the rock band Blind Melon, filmed himself religiously from 1990-1995 with a video camera, recording up until a few hours before his sudden death at the age of twenty-eight. His camera was a diary and his closest confidant. In the hundreds of hours of footage, Hoon meticulously documented his life—his family, his creative process, his television, his band’s rise to fame, and his struggle with addiction. He filmed his daughter’s birth, and archived the politics and culture of the 90s, an era right before the internet changed the world. Created solely with his own footage, voice, and music, this rare autobiography is a prescient exploration of experience and memory in the age of video. It is also Hoon’s last work, completed twenty-three years after his death.


  • Camera as Consciousness – Judd Apatow in conversation with filmmakers Danny Clinch, Taryn Gould, and Colleen Hennessy
  • A conversation with Nico Hoon, daughter of Shannon Hoon
  • Nico Hoon performs “In the End”, a song written by her band Garden Street
  • Theatrical Trailer

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