The Proposal - Movie & Soundtrack Bundle
The Proposal - Movie & Soundtrack Bundle
The Proposal - Movie & Soundtrack Bundle
The Proposal - Movie & Soundtrack Bundle

The Proposal - Movie & Soundtrack Bundle

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Get the full experience of THE PROPOSAL by purchasing of the movie on DVD or Blu-ray with the original soundtrack by T. Griffin on vinyl! You save $5 when purchasing both items as a bundle. 

The Movie

Known as “the artist among architects,” Luis Barragán is among the world’s most celebrated architects of the 20th century. Upon his death in 1988, much of his work was locked away in a Swiss bunker, hidden from the world’s view. In an attempt to resurrect Barragán’s life and art, boundary redefining artist Jill Magid creates a daring proposition that becomes a fascinating artwork in itself—a high-wire act of negotiation that explores how far an artist will go to democratize access to art.
Available on DVD or Blu-ray, both in limited edition digipak packaging. 
Special Features:
  • Feature-length audio commentary by director Jill Magid, executive producer Laura Poitras, and producer/cinematographer Jarred Alterman
  • Video interview with Jill Magid by Artforum (2016)
  • Theatrical Trailer

The Soundtrack

The Proposal is the original score by composer T. Griffin for the acclaimed feature-length artworld documentary by multi-disciplinary artist Jill Magid. Guitars, horns, upright bass and acoustic percussion combine with electronics, sampling and ambient treatments for an ever-shifting suite of musical vignettes across the thirteen tracks of The Proposal. Guest players include Matana Roberts, Reut Regev, Jim White (Xylouris White, The Dirty Three), Jason Ajemian (Helado Negro), and Sophie Trudeau and Timothy Herzog (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) – alongside Griffin’s own contributions on fretless banjo, guitar, percussion, keyboards, field recordings and production. Griffin weaves an iridescent musical tapestry that threads various genres while maintaining a strong thematic and atmospheric coherence, echoing the dynamic narrative of Magid's contemplative, provocative, cerebral journey in the movie. The Proposal is a sublime sonic complement to a unique docu-dramatic art film that also stands firmly on its own as a subtly haunted, richly meditative album.

This deluxe 180gram LP is a hand-numbered art edition of 500, in a window-cut jacket printed Pantone Blue (inside and out) on uncoated acid-free 110lb cover stock, with an artworked inner sleeve on 100lb artboard and a set of four doubled-sided 12"x12" lithograph art cards printed on 100lb Creator Silk artboard, all featuring works from The Barragán Archives and The Proposal by Jill Magid. 


01 Dearest Frederica
02 Grass Horns I
03 Manufacture
04 Copyright Implications
05 Void Room and Reliquary
06 St Gallen
07 Word Guitar
08 The Jeweler
09 Poised
10 Architecture of Noise
11 The Nun with a Chipped Tooth
12 As Ever
13 Grass Horns II

The Book

The eighth volume of the Critical Spatial Practice series focuses on Jill Magid’s “The Barragán Archives,” a multiyear project that examines the legacy of Pritzker Prize–winning architect Luis Barragán (1902–1988), and questions forms of power, public access, and copyright that construct artistic legacy. The archive of Barragán was split in two after his death—the personal archive is kept in his home in Mexico, which is now a museum and UNESCO World Heritage Site; while his professional archive was purchased in 1995 by Rolf Fehlbaum, chairman of the Swiss furniture company Vitra, from a New York gallerist. It is said that Fehlbaum bought it as a gift for his then fiancée, Federica Zanco. She is the director of the Barragan Foundation, which also holds rights to Barragán’s name. For the past twenty years the archive, housed below the Vitra headquarters, has been inaccessible to the public.

With The Proposal Magid attempts to bring together Barragán’s professional and personal archives by probing the architect’s official and private selves, and the interests of various individuals and governmental and corporate entities who have become the archives’ guardians. Magid, with permission of the Barragán family, commissioned a small amount of Barragán’s cremated remains to be transformed into a diamond. The stone, set in a gold ring, was offered to Zanco in exchange for the return of the professional archive to Mexico. Magid’s artwork directly engages the intersections of the psychological and the judicial, national identity and repatriation, international property rights and copyright law, authorship and ownership, the human body and the body of work.  

Edited by Nikolaus Hirsch, Carin Kuoni, Hesse McGraw, Markus Miessen

Contributions by Leonardo Díaz Borioli, Nikolaus Hirsch, David Kim, Cuauhtémoc Medina, Daniel McClean, Hesse McGraw, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Ines Weizman 

Published September 2016. 4x6 inches, softcover book with dust jacket. In English with color and black & white images.