Girl Asleep Blu-ray

Oscilloscope Laboratories

$ 32.99
Girl Asleep Blu-ray

In this vibrant portrayal of Australian adolescence, Greta Driscoll's bubble of obscure loserdom is burst when her parents throw her a surprise 15th birthday party and invite the whole school! Perfectly content being a wallflower, suddenly Greta's flung far from her comfort zone into a distant, parallel place -- a strange world that’s a little frightening and a lot weird, but only there can she find herself. Equal measures Wes Anderson and Lewis Carroll, GIRL ASLEEP is an enchanting journey into the absurd -- and sometimes scary -- depths of the teenage mind.

- Behind the scenes of Girl Asleep – new program featuring interviews with director
- Rosemary Myers, screenwriter/actor Matthew Whittet, producer Jo Dyer, production
- Designer Jonathan Oxlade, and star Bethany Whitmore
- Making Teenage Drama – an in-depth interview with director Rosemary Myers
- Windmill Theatre Company – a short video overview
- Theatrical trailer

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