Burma VJ DVD

Oscilloscope Laboratories

$ 11.99
Burma VJ DVD

A rare and exceptional look into the 2007 uprising in Burma where 100,000 people, including thousands of Buddhist monks, peacefully took to the streets to protest the country's repressive regime that held them hostage for over forty years. During the uprising, the military turned their guns on the peaceful protestors and blood spilled in the streets. Foreign news reporters were banned and the internet was shut down. But Democratic Voice of Burma, a collective of thirty anonymous and underground citizen video journalists (VJs), heroically bore witness to the historic events and secretly videotaped what they saw. Through a dedicated network of supporters, they smuggled the footage out of the country, where it was broadcast via satellite to a world horrified by the violence against a people fighting for democracy.


Audio commentary with BURMA VJ director Anders Østergaard and film critic John Anderson.
FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM – a video interview with BURMA VJ "Joshua".
Burmese Monks' stories from the uprisings televised on Democratic Voice of Burma.
A video message from Richard Gere.
CROSSING MIDNIGHT – a riveting film about refugees on the Thai/Burma border.

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